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TV Schedule. In. Kink — Season: 1 2 3 4 5. Year: S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Fanny and Fogg are two self-professed dedicated sado-masochists. At the beginning of our series Fanny and Fogg are the king and queen of Vancouver's kink scene. Episode One introduces us to two other key players in the kink community. Stephen is a bisexual who owns a hair salon in East Vancouver. He strives to live as pleasurable a life as possible. As he frantically prepares for a drag performance, he recounts the story of the one true love of his life, Kate. David, an old school, gay, S1, Ep2. On a shopping expedition to the local tack shop, David tests out various whips and other 'play' props, which are later used in his "six thousand lashes" play scene.

While shopping David explains his list of potential dates: the gold list are his possible life partners. Stephen also does some shopping at flea markets around town, looking for new outfits to appease his cross-dressing fetish. He reveals some of his family history and the pain of an ostracized childhood. Over at Fogg's body piercing and tattoo salon, Next, we discover that even Fogg's work allows him to S1, Ep3.

After a night of heavy play that ends as the sun comes up, Fanny and Fogg want nothing more than a low-key morning. Their attempt at leisure is interrupted by a fire at Next. Stephen spends a day at Vancouver's infamous Wreck beach with his friend Martin, discussing casual encounters, relationships, and safe sex. As the sun sets on his day off, Stephen reveals his HIV status.

David meets up with one of his gold list members, a potential long-term slave, but the young man is hesitant and turns David down. David goes back into his own difficult past, as he recounts his S1, Ep4. We introduce Shaira and her lover, MS. Pat is in love. But we discover the challenges she faces in pursuing a relationship with another devoted masochist.

With two bottoms in love, there's no one to do the whipping After a wild night on the town dressed up as his alter ego, Gene Pool, Stephen takes us to visit his mother on Vancouver Island. During the trip he describes his parents' marriage, his father's alcoholism and his mother's efforts to S1, Ep5. Fogg and Fanny show us just how a poly-amorous relationship works, spending the weekend apart with other playmates.

Fogg he off to B. Fanny stays home with her cat, and an attractive blond named Jacob. X and Shaira talk of the complications in their unusual relationship. The couple attends the S1, Ep6. Velvet, a glamorous transgendered dominatrix, plays tour guide as the camera films the underground world of fetish parties. Velvet is an attractive and ambitious entrepreneur, active in Vancouver's thriving fetish scene. Pat discovers that two "bottoms" can't make a go of it.

She breaks up with her new girlfriend Enerian, then treats herself to some new piercings. Fogg is surprised by a visit from his former private school teacher. He brings along memorabilia, including stories of Fogg'S first interaction with the police. Stephen dresses for his night out at the Body S1, Ep7. Velvet hosts a dinner party; Fogg and Fanny set up a public dungeon at a local club, and Stephen dons his fluffiest outfit for a day at the fair. Frustrated with a lack of 'play space', and always on the lookout for new playmates, Fogg and Fanny set up a dungeon at Re-Bar, a Vancouver club catering to young goths.

Velvet throws a dinner party with her husband Ray and the conversation turns to the hardships of growing up different in an intolerant society. S1, Ep8. Elaine opens the doors to her closet for a tour of her vast collection of cuffs, canes, whips and ball gags and other "pervertable" toys, while she recounts her childhood fascination with kink. With Fogg away once again, Fanny gets an opportunity to partake in her favorite kind of kink, bloodsports, with her masochist friend, Andrea Bottoms. David takes us to his job as a hospital clerk in a busy downtown hospital. He then goes to work in his basement dungeon with a "bondage bottom" who really needs to be tied up.

S1, Ep9. It's "play party" time in the kink community. Several of our characters come together to have fun, to watch and to be watched. Stephen and his friends, including Kate, prepare for a night at a local play party where party participants act out fetish scenes. Elaine whips her lover, Aiden. Velvet talks about her play scene while David participates in a three-way session with a couple at the party. In the meantime, Fogg and Fanny have a party of their own, where everyone gets naked. Fogg and his out-of-town partner, Andrea, snuggle and play while Fanny is left in the S1, Ep For Stephen, love lies waiting in the whispering shrubs of Vancouver's nude beach.

Fogg leans closer to Andrea while Stephen remains a playful spirit. He spends his time at the beach with a pleasant stream of men to keep him occupied, then he off to a smart cocktail party with his beloved Kate and friends. Over cocktails and banter, Kate and Stephen joke about remarrying. Pat is consumed by her love for women, especially the dominant variety and talks about the first time she became aware of these desires.

Fogg rationalizes the growing distance in his relationship Velvet and Rosamond address the difficulties of living 'out', loud and proud; Fanny faces up to a buried trauma, and the gay community comes together for the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Velvet and Rosamond prepare for a photo shoot where Rosamond will pose as the poster girl for a body perve party promotion. While Velvet applies fake lashes and bondage tape on her model, they discuss the courage necessary for living 'out' to their family, friends and work associates. Fanny and Fogg pull further apart after Fanny is forced to face the memories of a friend's suicide. David and Stephen prepare for their dream dates. Pat shares the painful story of her motherless childhood. Fogg looks for a new line of work.

While David waits at the airport, interested to see if potential mate Kevin will be his dream come true. Stephen waits at home for his stay-in dinner date, Carl a. David is cool and in control anticipating the moment when his blind date arrives from Ontario, but Stephen is most definitely on edge. Pat relates a heart-wrenching story of early psychological abuse inflicted by her father. Velvet he out to play While Fogg makes his debut as a stand up comedian, David and Pat are experiencing some "firsts" of their own. David and his new boyfriend, Kevin, walk the seawall around Stanley Park.

It looks like David has finally found his life mate. They talk of marriage, but Kevin refuses to wear the gown. She believes in being open-minded as a parent. Fogg makes his debut as a comic and takes stock of his reduced list of playmates. Fanny has moved out and is recovering from their split Season 1 Season 2 ». See also TV Schedule. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. Add episode. Create a list ». Domination Novie. Netflix seen. All Time Favorites. Series to Watch. Kijken met Justin. See all related lists ». Share this :.

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