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As this Fourth of July holiday approaches, activists say they want more Florida beaches to declare independence from clothes. This coalition of Nakationers, an AANR term to describe people who enjoy a naked vacation, was able to get a bill SB through at least one Senate committee during the Session. A similar bill cleared two Senate committees in Leo University study. And they found nudists, even locals, tend to book longer stays at the resorts and facilities offered by clubs then others do.

Pizzo's bill in committee: Legal nudity at nude beaches gets the go ahead in Florida Senate committee. Its upward of , annual visitors generate a million dollars in parking revenue alone for the City of Miami. Pizzo rooted his proposal in a Florida Supreme Court ruling upheld by a federal appeals court. It permits being naked in public if one is not doing so in a vulgar or indecent manner or in a place not provided or set apart for that purpose.

Naturists argue nude sunbathing is neither vulgar or indecent, and age enables for a place to be set apart for that purpose. Pizzo argued law enforcement officers often jump to file a lewd and lascivious or indecent charge against people they find naked, as was the case of a gentleman drinking a soda along a Duval County beach. He told the arresting officers he was as surprised by what they were doing as they were of him.

But the Nakitoners argue it is not only the money for local communities and tax revenues that is on their side They produced polls to show the support of an overwhelming of Floridians. The St. George Island on the Gulf. The s convince Erich Schuttauf, executive director of AANR, that the time has come to push for more clothing optional beaches. The group has 12 employees in its Florida office, one of seven district offices in North America, and counts more than 6, dues-paying members, but Schuttauf is quick to add the group helps tens of thousands more seeking information annually about where in Florida can they enjoy the freedom of going without clothes.

The group is scouting locations for clothing-optional beaches along the Gulf Coast in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Charlotte and Lee counties. Florida currently has 10 locally sanctioned and unsanctioned clothing-optional beaches. Another two, Honeymoon Island and Bahia Honda State Park, are among the group's six best unsanctioned nude beaches — where discretion and a quick cover-up go hand in hand, according to the AANR.

Local clubs in the Panhandle said they long to add a beach in Bay County, but declined to discuss those plans. Despite the opposition at the Capital and in city halls, AANR is pushing on in its 90th year of operation. Amid the festivities at public beaches, private clubs, and resorts, plans will percolate about how to add more beaches to the list, and get lawmakers to clarify the law for police and deputies.

Florida law "states that it is legal to be nude in a place set aside for that purpose," said former Lt. Jeff Kottkamp, who lobbies for B. I fully expect legislation to be filed again next year. He can be reached at jcall tallahassee.

Follow on him Twitter: CallTallahassee. Never miss a story: Subscribe to the Tallahassee Democrat using the link at the top of the . Source: American Association of Naked Recreation. Facebook Twitter . Show Caption. Hide Caption. Nudity at nude beaches allowed by Senate bill. Naked people at nude beaches are being charged with a sex crime.

Sen Pizzo has a solution.

Florida nudes

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