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Two parents in British Columbia have been charged with assault for hitting their year-old daughter after she sent nude images of herself to her boyfriend. In his decision, the judge wrote that the parents' use of a plastic mini hockey stick and a skipping rope to "spank" the girl was not reasonable and amounted to excessive corporal punishment. But the judge also wrote: "In this day and age, any reasonable parent would be concerned about a teenager sending nude pictures of him or herself via a cellphone or any other electronic device. The pitfalls and dangers of such activities are well-reported.

Such behaviours can lead to bullying and even suicide. Given those concerns, what do you think is the proper way to teach kids about the dangers of sexting? Here is some of the parenting advice readers shared in our latest CBC Forum — a live, hosted discussion about stories of national interest.

Please note that usernames are not necessarily the names of commenters. Some comments have been altered to correct spelling and to conform to CBC style. Click on the username to see the comment in the blog format. If you make an effort to teach your children about cause and effect, and consequences of action at a young age, they will naturally apply that knowledge to sexting.

Kids aren't less human than adults, and if you hit them you should be legally charged. This, of course, is a broad social problem and requires a broad social reaction. To focus solely on sexting is to miss the forest for the trees. That nude pic you send today may end up in their parents' mailbox tomorrow.

If nothing convinces the kid to stop, professional help for all would be appropriate. Doing your utmost to raise a confident child, who doesn't feel the need for approval and the wrong kind of attention from someone else is the best thing you can do. Can't see the discussion forum? . Dangers of sexting: How should parents teach teens? CBC News Loaded. What do you think is the proper way to teach kids about the dangers of sexting?

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Sextong forum

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