Tickle punishment

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So, we have a Card-Carrying Villain in a G-rated show who is going to inflict a horrible torture on his victims. Most normal methods of Cold-Blooded Torture would be way too dark for something aimed at children; what can be a substitute?

Tickling, of course! Anyone ticklish can attest that getting tickled without being able to stop it would be pure torture, and the censors are content that the character isn't being horribly brutalized. This is usually done with a feather on the soles of the feet despite not being the most effective method in Real Life , and it is often led up to by the tickler saying " We Have Ways of Making You Talk.

This trope was so widely used in cartoons from the 90's and earlier, many a kinky adult can trace their See also Accidental Tickle Torture for the unintentional variant, and Friendly Tickle Torture , for, well, the friendly variant. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . Happens in the Ah! My Goddess manga, as part of a contest. Battle Girls: Time Paradox When the Saigoku Three show up and finish their introduction, Nobunaga easily defeats them and ties them up. To find out where the Dismantled MacGuffin is, Hideyoshi does this to each of them.

They return the favor later in the episode. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo invokes this with startling and unexpected frequency between the various characters in the show, which comes as no surprise given the anime's sense of humor. Often zigzags into this trope's more "friendlier" counterpart. In Digimon Frontier , Zoe and Tommy were tortured by Ranamon tickling them with a feather and magic hands. And in Digimon Fusion , Shoutmon gets treated into this because the villains think he has the Code Crown.

Dragon Ball : Goku performs this on Hasky to get her to hand over the dragon balls she tried to steal from him. Thanks in part to a distraction by Vegeta. He was also tickle tortured by an old hag in Hell after she attempted to cook him. When she refuses to speak, she is tickle tortured by an anteater. In Fairy Tail Jellal suffers this when Ultear worries that he'll break his cover while hiding from the government.

However, she tickles her ally Meredy, who has a Psychic Link with Jellal, in order to get him. This causes Jellal to pass out before winning a tournament for Fairy Tail. In Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals , Rouge orders this done to Pritz with a dramatic buildup that makes you wonder whether she's a villain or just crazy. Galaxy Angel Rune has the angels subjected when an ai of Hot Spring Asteroid wants to know their problems.

The " Is Lupin Burning In Maburaho , Elizabeth does this to Yuna. You can't see what's happening, though, and she does it in such a dramatic and over-the-top fashion that Kazuki assumes it's actual torture. Gingka of Metal Fight Beyblade gets this treatment during a "training course" orchestrated by Merci. Sir Nighteye of My Hero Academia has a tickling machine that he uses to strap and torture his sidekicks when they fail to make him laugh.

When Izuku first arrives to his hero agency for internship, he's using it on Bubble Girl, because she didn't make him laugh while giving her report. At least 3 times in Nagasarete Airantou. Once on Mikoto from some bats summoned by Rin. Again on Ikuto when he was placed in a trap by Chikage. And lastly on Suzu, when she refused to do studying and was subjected to this by Ikuto.

Naruto : Jiraiya interrogates some mooks from the Rain Village using this method. When that fails, he threatens them with turning them into frogs. In Negima! Magister Negi Magi , Asuna got the tickle treatment in the nude from Fate who could make water turn into a bunch of arms. It's later revealed that the only thing stopping him from ripping her to pieces was Asuna's magic-cancelling ability.

Later on, most of class 3-A does this to Chao. Pikachu manages to resist it, however. Happens to Sammy a. Third of the Lovely Madams. When Nanael is trapped by Melona and Airi she is subjected to this in their cage. Smiling Jack easily defeats Polly by tickling her until she rolls out of bounds. Smiling Jack tries this on Speedy in the next round, only for the latter to No-Sell and give the former a taste of his own medicine.

They rub some salt on the bound criminal's feet and then lead the sheep to him. Then The sheep would continue to lick his feet with fervour. Squid Girl 's Ika Musume discovers this in a chapter of the manga which was adapted into an anime sub-episode , and goes on a tickling spree with everyone she meets. Naturally, she decides to use it to make Chizuru die of laughter. Chizuru being who she is , though, means annihilation ensues. Presumably, the episodes are not in chronological order, as a couple of earlier episodes show her tickling Eiko both as revenge and to convince her to become her servant, and on the four alien-obsessed scientists to find out why they wanted a strand of Chizuru's hair.

In I'm Gonna Be an Angel! Since it's To Love Ru, it's purely for Fanservice. Asian Animation. The clock proceeds to attack the "scary" monster by tickling it until it reverts back to normal size. In Season 8 episode 2, the King punishes the Supermen by sentencing them to hanging In Season 8 episode 39, the Supermen have Huo Haha tickled to make him smile, since his smiling is what makes Xiao Haha remember some important memories.

In the Lamput episode "Martial Art", Lamput is fighting Fat Doc and Slim Doc in the style of the martial arts film he was trying to watch in a theater. During the fight, Lamput is seen briefly tickling Slim Doc's armpit to fend him off. Comic Books. Asterix : In the first story, Asterix the Gaul , Getafix is tortured in this manner by the Romans after they capture him.

However, he's completely unaffected by it and "playing along". Complete with "Torture me instead! In Street Fighter in an extra of her comic Ibuki gets tickled by her pet tanuki Don-Chan, though the situation was implied through text outside of where they were. The comic's artist Omar Dogan liked this situation enough that he would later draw a picture of Ibuki tied up being ticked by her Tanuki based on the comic.

Horrible variation in the Torture Porn Hivefled prequel Reprise ; Gamzee spent some time being kept as a student and treated something approaching normally by his Famous Ancestor the Grand Highblood, who was actually grooming him for real torture and eventual sacrifice. At one point, GH tickled Gamzee into hypersensitivity and punched him in the groin , then went back to acting as if nothing happened. Naturally, when Gamzee messaged his friends to complain, they didn't believe this was a problem.

It got worse later on; Condesce wanted a turn, and then they decided to " immortalise the moment " Boiling Isles and Beyond : Amity learns that Luz is ticklish and fully intents to take advantage of it. Luz quickly realizes that she's screwed. Films — Animation. King Koo Koo is normally short, but inflates when he laughs at the misfortune of others. So he sets a tentacled sea monster on our heroes and many of the supporting characters and orders it to tickle all of them at the same time A relatively-dark example in The Fearless Four : Fred gets sent to a high-tech chamber where he's fiercely tickled all over by a pair of robotic arms wearing cartoonish gloves.

The dark part?

Tickle punishment

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Tickle torture