Blonde girl names

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Other references include the romantic film Elvira Madigan , based on a real person, and the main ghostly character in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit , as well as appearances in several operas. Home Lists Baby Name Meanings. Sat Oct 12 By Nameberry. Blond baby names include names for boys and girls meaning white, fair, golden, or blond. Many are Irish, Welsh, or Scandinavian in origin, as these countries historically produced a lot of fair-haired people. Some of the top blond baby names include the Irish names Finn and Finley, the latter of which ranks for both sexes.

In addition to popular blond or blonde baby names, you can find many more unusual names meaning blond on this list, like Fenella which is more popular in England , Flavia and Finnian. If your baby has blond hair — or you're expecting a little towhead — here's a selection of the best boy, girl, and gender-neutral baby names that mean fair or blond.

Aurelius is derived from the Latin word aureus, meaning "golden," which was also the name of a gold coin used in Ancient Rome. Aurelius was a cognomen, a third name in Roman culture that often referenced a personal characteristic or trait, likely used for someone with golden hair. Aurelia Continued Chevron - Right. Ella Heart Origin: German; English Meaning: "all, completely; fairy maiden" Description: Ella has parallel derivations, first as the Norman variation of the Germanic Alia—itself a nickname for names containing the element ali.

Ella Continued Chevron - Right. Aurelius Heart Origin: Latin Meaning: "the golden one" Description: Since Aurelius was given the supermodel seal of approval by Elle Macpherson, this is one of the Roman emperor names, like Augustus, now in the realm of possibility. Like the female Aurelia and Aurora, Aurelius has a particularly warm golden aura. Aurelius Continued Chevron - Right. Isolde Heart Origin: Welsh Meaning: "ice ruler" Description: Now that Tristan has been rediscovered, maybe it's time for his fabled lover in the Arthurian romances and Wagnerian opera, a beautiful Irish princess, to be brought back into the light as well.

Isolde Continued Chevron - Right. Guinevere Heart Origin: Welsh Meaning: "white shadow, white wave" Description: Guinevere was the name of the beautiful but ill-fated queen of Camelot, for so many years eclipsed by its modern Cornish form Jennifer. Today, Guinevere could be a cool possibility for adventurous parents intrigued by this richly evocative and romantic choice.

Guinevere Continued Chevron - Right. Ingrid Heart Origin: Norse Meaning: "fair; Ing is beautiful" Description: The luminous Ingrid Bergman's appeal was strong enough to lend universal charisma to this classic Scandinavian name, which has been somewhat neglected in the US. Even today, named Ingrid would be assumed to be of Scandinavian ancestry, aling the name has never been fully integrated into the English lexicon the way other European choices from the same era like Danielle or Kathleen have.

Ingrid Continued Chevron - Right. Linus Heart Origin: Greek Meaning: "flax" Description: Can Linus lose its metaphorical security blanket and move from the Peanuts onto the birth certificate? We think it has enough charm and other positive elements going for it for the answer to be yes. Linus Continued Chevron - Right. Xanthe Heart Origin: Greek Meaning: "golden, yellow" Description: X marks the spot in names these days, usually at the middles or ends of names, but here is one that puts it squarely up front.

Xanthe Continued Chevron - Right. Bianca Heart Origin: Italian Meaning: "white" Description: Bianca, the livelier Italian and Shakespearean version of Blanche, has been chosen by many American parents since the s, just as Blanca is a favorite in the Spanish-speaking community. It's meaning of white relates to snow, making it one of the prime names for winter babies. Bianca Continued Chevron - Right. Alba Heart Origin: Latin Meaning: "white" Description: Alba is quietly making a behind-the-scenes comeback, perhaps thanks to actress turned baby-product mogul Jessica Alba.

Last on the Top a century ago, the name was given to more than baby girls in the US last year. Alba might be tomorrow's successor to Ava and Ella. In Spain, Alba ranks among the Top 10 girls' names. Alba is the name of a character in The Time Traveler's Wife. Alba Continued Chevron - Right. Fiona Heart Origin: Scottish Meaning: "white, fair" Description: Fiona entered the American consciousness with the opening of the Broadway musical Brigadoon , but didn't come onto the U.

Fiona Continued Chevron - Right. It's a short form of the traditional Irish name Fionnuala. Nola reentered the US Top in , for the first time in 50 years. Nola Continued Chevron - Right. Aubrey Continued Chevron - Right. Finlay is also now among the most popular unisex names. Finley Continued Chevron - Right.

Arjun Heart Origin: Hindi Meaning: "bright, shining, white" Description: Popular in India and among Indo-Americans, this name of the hero of a famous Hindu epic has an extremely pleasing sound. Arjun Continued Chevron - Right. It has been in use in the English-speaking world since the 18th century but came to prominence in the 20th. Jennifer Continued Chevron - Right. Blake Heart Origin: English Meaning: "fair-haired, dark" Description: The unisex Blake, which indeed has two conflicting meanings, has a briskly efficient image when used for a girl. Blake Continued Chevron - Right. Gavin Continued Chevron - Right.

Bowie Heart Origin: Scottish Meaning: "blond" Description: Baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn put this name in play as a first name, but David Bowie born with the considerably less marketable moniker of David Robert Jones dyed it blond and gave it charisma. He changed his surname in to avoid confusion with the then popular Davy Jones of The Monkees, and especially since his death, his admirers have seen it as an increasingly viable baby name namesake.

Bowie Continued Chevron - Right. Rowena Heart Origin: Welsh Meaning: "white spear or famous friend" Description: A fabled storybook name via the heroine of Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe , which featured a heroine called Rowena of Hargottstanstede, and also a Harry Potter name, as Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of one of the Hogwarts houses..

Rowena has some old-fashioned charm, though most modern parents seem to prefer Rowen. Pronunciation, however, is NOT like Rowen with an a at the end, but with a long e and an emphasis on the middle syllable.. She was on the popularity list until , several years in the Top Rowena Continued Chevron - Right. Jenna is still being used, but no longer feels much fresher than Jennifer. You can also spell it Jena, but then many people will pronounce it jeen-a, as in Gina. Jenna Continued Chevron - Right. The vast majority of American babies named Teagan are now girls. A variant spelling is Teaghan.

Teagan Continued Chevron - Right. Goldie Continued Chevron - Right. Rocker Gwen Stefani has given it a shot of cool, and parents are choosing it as a standalone more and more often—Gwen hopped back onto the US Top in after an absence of over 30 years. Gwen could also be short for Guinevere. Gwen Continued Chevron - Right. Finnian Heart Origin: Irish Meaning: "fair" Description: Finnian is a fair jig of a name, energetic and easy on the ear. Finnian and brother Finian is also familiar in its alternate spelling through the classic Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow , later made into a film starring Fred Astaire as Finian McLonergan.

Finnian Continued Chevron - Right. Elvira Heart Origin: Spanish Meaning: "white, fair" Description: Before there was the campy TV Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Elvira was the long-suffering wife of Don Juan, and remnants of those negative, gothic images still cling to it, though they are fading. Elvira Continued Chevron - Right. Blanche Heart Origin: French Meaning: "white" Description: Blanche, which originated as a nickname for a pale blonde and then became associated with the notion of purity, was in style a century ago, ranking in the double digits until Now all three of the Golden Girls--Blanche, Rose and Dorothy--could be ready for revival, with Blanche sounding like a stronger, simpler alternative to Bianca.

Blanche Continued Chevron - Right. And of course Finnegan gains you access to the great short form Finn. Finnegan Continued Chevron - Right. Anwen Heart Origin: Welsh Meaning: "very fair, beautiful" Description: Anwen is one of the simplest and best of the classic Welsh girls' names, more unusual than Bronwen but with the same serene feel.

Anwen Continued Chevron - Right. Tiana Heart Origin: Slavic Meaning: "fairy queen" Description: Tiana gained a lot of popularity after Disney bestowed this pretty name upon its first African-American princess. Tiana Continued Chevron - Right. Ivory Heart Origin: Word name meaning the hard, white material from the tusks and teeth of animals; can also mean "pale, white" Meaning: "pale, white" Description: Ivory was last popular a hundred years ago.

In , it finally began to regain some momentum in the female rankings, reentering the Top Ivory Continued Chevron - Right.

Blonde girl names

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