Sext cheating

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So, does sexting count as cheating? Image: Unsplash Source:Whimn. There's no doubting that the internet has given both men and women more chances to stray than ever before — and make excuses for their infidelity. While Burgess said he could not go into details about the investigation into an alleged lewd video chat involving players, the questions remains.

It is very hard to work out how to caption this one Photo: Reddit Source:Whimn. Sexting doesn't just live in the land of pure fantasy, of cheap thrills and harmless hard-ons. It requires the physical act of sending a message and engaging with another person — behind your partner's back. Of course, whether you see sexting as cheating depends on so many things — the relationship you're in, how long you've been together, how open your relationship is. Sexting is a form of foreplay.

Please, if you happen to stumble and accidently take a photo of your junk, it to a social media platform and send it to another human, then take responsibility. Pull the other one. What this scandal has done is bring the insidious and adulterous world of sexting to the foreground.

The truth is, I wouldn't know how to deal with my partner sexting someone else behind my back. Until it happens and for the record, I hope it never does , I don't know how I'm going to react. Is sexting the territory of small dicks and engorged egos? Image: Reddit Source:Whimn. Maybe he was curious, bored with his routine mundane life, needed to feel desired. Maybe he got into a relationship when he was too young and now he misses the days when he was able to just fuck whoever he wanted to.

What we all need to do is stop making excuses for these men with the small dicks and engorged egos that think this behaviour is okay. I have no objection to perving on the internet or in real life. Have a look. Appreciate the human form. Women are undeniably beautiful. Sexting is ultimately a humiliating break in trust, and gives to someone else what our partner is supposed to get from us.

Jayne Williams. Whimn September 19, pm. Is sexting cheating? Social housing for women would literally pay for itself. The six most common communication issues in relationships.

Sext cheating

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We Asked People if Sexting Really Counts as Cheating