Skype friends with benefits

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There are several reports that Facebook and Skype are about to enter into digital matrimony or, at very least, are becoming friends with benefits. According to the reports, while rumours that Facebook and Skype may merge are not true, it is true that a partnership is apparently in the offing, and that Facebook users are going to be able to talk to each other over Facebook, using technology that is, under the hood, decidedly Skypeish. While the arrangement has not yet been officially confirmed, speculation is that the form that this is almost certainly going to take is that of a Skype button on your Facebook profile and s.

This will allow you to call people directly from the Facebook interface, and also to send SMS messages to fellow Facebookers. It is also anticipated that you will be able to import your Facebook contacts into Skype, and vice versa. A full Skype-Facebook integration would allow for a more holisitic networking experience, offering you every method of contacting a Facebook friend — message, wall comment, telephone well, VoIP , and SMS.

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Skype friends with benefits

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