Young snapchat users

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Over 30 minutes Source. Source: Statista. Image source: Statista. This is the fastest year-over-year growth the social media platform has seen in over a year, with the rise in usage being attributed to the record growth in the of Snapchat users in outside North America and Europe. Up until Q3 , North America was the leading region with the highest of Snapchat users at 90 million, compared to 87 million in the rest of the world.

There were 72 million DAU in Europe by then. Statista , In fact, this is the most popular social media network among teenagers , with Instagram and TikTok following closely. Millennials and Generation Z were the target demographics for Snapchat, as the creators understood what the younger generation wanted.

S internet users aged 56 and above use the app. This might be one of the reasons behind the high percentage of female users. Although As of January , the United States had the biggest Snapchat user base in the world, with an audience of million users Statista , India ranked in second place with a Snapchat audience base of France and the U.

Even though U. This is because Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world continue to for an increased share. An African country with the highest of Snapchat users is in is Nigeria with 6. With million total downlo in , Snapchat is on the top 10 list of the most popular apps worldwide. A noteworthy mention is that the app saw a massive increase in downlo at the beginning of Q2 of This was as a result of the new lenses released by Snapchat, making it go viral, hence a sharp increase in the downlo across both iOS and Android platforms. Before the gender-swap and baby lenses released on May 8, , the average downlo per day were at , The s doubled up soon after the filters were released making this one of the most downloaded apps.

Snapchat has an extremely strong power that entices its users to socialize on the app. This is why some of the top reasons people use Snapchat daily are to keep in touch with friends, sharing images, and playing around with filters and lenses. In comparison, most people that use Twitter only do so to follow news and current events while YouTube is ideal for those that wish to learn more about a particular topic of interest. The average daily active user accesses the Snapchat camera more than 30 times per day Snapchat , Given the visual nature of the app, its users are more reliant on their cameras, which without, we would have never gotten Snapchat to begin with.

This makes it much easier for people to log into their s, take pictures or snaps and share them with friends — as easy as that. The same research also indicated that Snapchat is the most used app when shopping and socializing with friends. The following image shows how Snapchat compares to other social media networks during different moments:. As it is mostly used as a tool for passing time, people hardly use Snapchat as a source of news, as compared to most other social media platforms. S adults use it as a news source Pew Research , Source: Journalism.

There are plenty of Snapchat influencers out there, but when compared to many other social media platforms, this app is only a favorite for a select few. Even though Snapchat has been giving influencers a cold shoulder , things seem to change with the recent introduction of verified influencers. This shows how important Snapchat is when it comes to marketing and advertising products that target the younger generation.

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Young snapchat users

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Snapchat by the s: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts